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Children and their folks can have lots of fun in the Games section finding out about child passenger, pedestrian and cycling safety.

Teachers and technicians are invited to use the Games section for classroom and program activities.

Hi, I'm Bucklebear!

Welcome to my official BUCKLEBEAR web site!

EMS, Police, Fire and Health Departments, Head Start, Child Safety Advocates, Educators and Technicians can find materials to assist them in presenting classroom and community programs to children and families.

Many of my passenger safety materials relate to BOOSTER SEATS.

I send Salutations, Congratulations, Accolades and Commendations to those states who have passed, or are working to pass, booster seat legislation. 

BUCKLEBEAR materials can be used as part of Head Start safety programs.

(See Head Start Regulations and scroll down to §1310.21a

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